Strategic Code Enforcement Management Academy

Welcome to the website of the Strategic Code Enforcement Management Academy (SCEMA). The Academy is a new educational venture and this website is even newer, so new that it is still under construction.

This website is intended for both public information and for use by enrolled Academy Members to continue their education and interaction with colleagues about strategic code enforcement management. You are invited to learn about the Academy and its mission by browsing in our pages. Your comments and questions are welcome.

The initial Academy session on May 18 – 19, 2017 in Memphis brought together teams of three to six department managers, senior public officials, lawyers, and community organization leaders from seven cities to provide training in strategic code enforcement management.  The Academy curriculum consists of four courses each led by experienced experts introducing the course topics. The teams from each city then work together on the course topic using real facts and circumstances from their actual circumstances. The objective is to share knowledge and build profession skills through the experience of working collaboratively with colleagues in other departments, organizations and professions.

We believe that building capacities and organizing sustainable collaboration among the branches and departments of government and supportive community and civic agencies is the foundation for strategically managed enforcement of local residential housing and environmental codes. Strategic management is the key to getting the best results with the limited resources available to urban communities.


We invite you back to this website often to learn more about our work and to keep track of Academy announcements and news.

Senior Faculty:

  • Steve Barlow, President, Neighborhood Preservation Inc.
  • Kermit Lind, Senior Faculty for the Academy, Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. Fellow
  • Joe Schilling, Senior Faculty for the Academy, Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. Fellow
  • Danny Schaffzin, Director of Experiential Learning, University of Memphis School of Law