SCEMA Invites you to its first webinar of the 2022-2023 Virtual Lecture Series:

Community Prosecution in Dallas: Addressing the Nuisance
Friday, September 30, 2022 at 11:30 AM CT/12:30 PM ET

In 2001, the Dallas City Attorney’s Office adopted its community prosecution model to address code, fire and environmental violations that negatively impacted the safety, wellness and economic growth of Dallas’ communities. Unlike traditional prosecution, which stresses conviction, community prosecution seeks to prevent and reduce code violations by bringing civil law enforcement actions to impose state nuisance laws and city ordinances before the courts intervene. Join us to learn how community prosecutors work alongside local detectives, code officers, fire prevention officers, and residents to develop and implement proactive policies and strategies to improve the quality of life in Dallas.

Special Guests:

  • Naomi Green, Litigation Attorney, Community Prosecution, Dallas City Attorney’s Office
  • Renee Paramo, Code Enforcement Supervisor, City of Dallas
  • Detective Michael Stampley, Dallas Police Department
  • Ariya Villegas, Field Attorney, Community Prosecution, Dallas City Attorney’s Office
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Save the Date

Our 7th Annual Strategic Code Enforcement Management Academy is scheduled for June 22-23, 2023!

Our sixth annual, two-day team building workshop for local government managers, attorneys and their community partners focuses on the core principles and practices of strategic code enforcement tailored to the priorities and challenges confronting each teams’ community. Strategic code enforcement is a cross-agency, data driven approach that leverages multiple partnerships to ensure compliance and enforcement actions are effective, efficient and equitable.

“Bring a collaborative, cross-sector team. Invite your code attorney, city court judge, fire marshal, community police officer, CDC directors, data experts, and other current or future partners. Their participation will build bridges that can improve your code program and benefit your community.”
– Jake Dishaw, City of Syracuse’s Director of Code Enforcement

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